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Capmouse Ambient Assisted Living

AAL JP CapMouse in the industrialization and commercialization phase finish

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Post AAL JP CapMouse Project it is necceseray to find the right partners to be able to commercialize the result of the project.
The Technology Marketing Plan, which was worked out in the project, as one of the last deliverables, outlines the work that lies ahead.

To do this work a financial frame is layed out and a budget is outlined.

Market players and venture angels are invited to bring the CapMouse out on the market for hands free HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces).

The prototype is working good and is demonstrated at different venues.
At the AAL Forum 2012 in Einhoven it will be demonstrated on the 25th of September 2012.

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 October 2012 19:04

AAL JP CapMouse Project finish June 2012

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It finally works!

We just finished the end user testing for the CapMouse prototype, together with the PRO-end users, at the 4th and 15th of May. The tests was successful, and a clear majority of the participants responded positively in the tests and managed the basics in “hands free, full mouse replacement”: cursor movements on the screen, right, left, up, down, a square movement - some almost made a circle!

Within 20 minutes the test group was able to navigate in a computer environment and have a hands free full mouse function.

It finally works!

Download pdf here.

Tomas Brusell

Last Updated on Friday, 08 June 2012 13:08

The Lecce Declaration

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The summit in Lecce resulted in the following program declaration.


Last Updated on Sunday, 02 October 2011 13:02

The Latest issue of the AAL Projects Brochure is published

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Find the latest AAL Projects Brochure here;

The CapMouse Project reached the final of the AAL Forum Award and the technology has passed the first testing phase and will now be tested by endusers.


AAL Forum Award, Lecce 2011

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The AAL JP CapMouse Project reached the final in the AAL Forum Award competition (

The proud team is working, with this Award as an energy boost, to reach the goals of the project.

The novel sensor array prototype has been developed and passed the first EMI tests.

The tests with end users is planned and the final headset is designed and a data logger software is made for the test procedures that match the video of the test sessions with the data collected from the sensors.

Tomas Brusell

Last Updated on Saturday, 01 October 2011 13:45
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