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Free your hands from the mouse. Computer device control with the tip of your lip.

CapMouse: How it came to be - Discover our new technology
Lipit Pitch

The unmet need

Computers have evolved into a variety of different devices to both promote and support our increasingly mobile, multi-tasking and information sharing world. However, the human interaction with these devices still depends on the use of hands or speech. This is often a challenge that can impair productivity, efficiency and safety, when your hands are busy, you are on the run or in a noisy environment. We have therefore designed a user-friendly, hands-free and wireless input device for computers, smartphones and other “smart” devices. This device is simply controlled by the tip of your lip instead of your hand. We call it LipIt™.


Mobile and hands-free control

The LipIt™ headset connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled device, and lets you control your device with your lip. A simple and intuitive lip movement does everything you would otherwise do to control your mouse using your hand. Worn on your head, LipIt™ allows you to be mobile without having to let go of computer or device control. This means that you no longer have to choose between device interaction and all the things you are used to doing with your hands when they are not occupied with controlling a mouse or touch interface.



You will love how easy it works

Mounted onto a headset-boom, an array of capacitive sensors lets you use your lip to control the cursor, similar to using fingers on a touchpad.

Sounds difficult? It is as intuitive as a regular computer mouse. Your lip is an extremely flexible and responsive muscle; so learning to use LipIt™ will be as simple as a kiss...You will love it!



System integration

The LipIt™ technology is a perfect complement to the Heads Up Displays and Wearable Computers that represent the next wave in consumer and professional computer technology; The latest example being Google who just announced “GLASS” (release scheduled early 2014), which in its current version depends on voice commands.


 Free your hands from the mouse and enjoy mobile  hands-free control of your digital environment with LipIt™.



Dental practitioner focus

Today’s digital environment offers opportunities for considerable efficiency improvements in the dental practitioner environment. The problem is that today’s mouse and speech input devices represent serious obstacles for dentists who struggle to not breach hygienic barriers when simultaneously interacting with their patients and different digital devices. LipIt™ not only guarantees hygienic compliance, it also allows efficient access to digital x-rays and interaction with electronic patient records while performing examinations without risking loss of focus.











Since the computer mouse was introduced some 30 years ago, a variety of alternative input devices have appeared on the market. Still relying on the users hands they limit or complicate the use of existing digital equipment, which inhibits both productivity and efficiency compared to use of reliable hands-free means input.

Detecting small intuitive lip movements, LipIt™ sets the users hands free to pursue work related tasks without losing control over equipment normally managed using a computer mouse. LipIt™ will not only improve efficiency, it will open new productivity and multi-tasking opportunities in professions where computer and smart device interaction is, or could be, integral to the job performance.




Disabled Aid

Whether it is to control a wheelchair, interact with smart environments, such as turning on and off lights, opening doors, or just to access computers, LipIt™ is an effective hands-free interaction aid for the disabled. LipIt™ offers people who are prevented from every day execution of social and professional interaction, due to their physical impairments a tool to improve their situation. In some cases the use of LipIt™ can improve the disabled’s level of independency and quality of life.





When the user's hands are gloved or busy with other tasks, such as in sports, LipIt™ enables interaction with devices that can improve performance and/or the enjoyment of an activity. Such applications include the ability to receive and make phone calls, get GPS information, weather forecasts etc. Heads Up Display solutions are making an entry into this space, even as an integral part of sports goggles, and LipIt™ offers compelling functionality to enhance the users’ experience with the Heads Up Display functionality. Recon Instruments

Speed and accuracy is essential to a player’s computer gaming performance; LipIt™ gives the gamer a "third-hand" tool to stay in better control and can help increase overall experience. A real breakthrough will happen when game developers start integrating the “third-hand” functionality in the game designs.



From Idea to Commercial Launch!

Dr. Tomas Brusell, the founder of Brusell Communications and inventor of Lipit™, experienced the process of switching between examining patients’ teeth, viewing x-rays and updating the patient’s files, while upholding the rules for good hygiene, as very impractical. He wanted a device that could help him interact with both the patient and his computer without interruption and without having to remove his gloves as he moved back and forth from his patient’s mouth to the computer mouse.  A review of other work and leisure situations quickly established that similar needs exist on a broad scale. This marked the starting point of the journey towards the realization of Lipit™.

In 2015, the industrialization preparation is in progress.

Key Milestones in our progess so far:

  • Dental user study LipIt™  prototypes were tested by 15 dental practices in Norway and Sweden during spring 2013; 100% of them reported they will buy LipIt™  when it becomes commercially available.

  • Great response generated at dentist conferences. LipIt™ was presented and demonstrated at the annual Swedish Dental fair (Swedental) in November 2012 and at the annual Norwegian dental fair (Nordental) in October 2012. Dentists appreciated LipIt™'s ease of use and the smooth interaction with the typical software they use.

  • Mobile prototype. A wireless LipIt™ prototype featuring full mouse functionality with reliable and power efficient Bluetooth communication and rechargeable batteries was demonstrated in October 2012.

  • Award finalist and buyer interestLipIt™, under the project name CapMouse, was a 2011 award finalist in the EU funded AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Joint Programes. The purpose of this project, which was initiated in 2009, focused on developing new technology to help disabled and elderly to remain as independent as possible of the need for care-workers’ assistance. The AAL finalist position resulted in a follow up with a demonstration to a group of 50 elderly, of which in a survey 80% stated their interest in buying LipIt™.

  • First prototype. In February 2012 the first Lipit prototype was finished. It comprised wireless full mouse functionality and connected to computers and smartphones over USB cable for charging of batteries. No finger needed for smartphone commands any more.

  • Patent awarded. A Swedish patent for the sensor technology was granted in 2009. The North America patent followed in 2013 and the EU patent in 2015.
The inventor Dr. Tomas Brusell at Nordental

LipIt™ with low energy Bluetooth

Elderly testing an early prototype

Proving that it works!



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